Thursday, May 7, 2015

Momma Know's Momma know's.At time's I thought she had a window to my soul.

I won't bore you about what my Mom means to me or the thousands of times she had my back no matter how many times I needed it.

I'm going to tell you about the side of a woman that amazes me, One who can handle anything. When we talk about Uber Mom no one can touch this woman. If she had to get a kid off to school, get to a job, and juggle the struggles of the average Mom she would have it done in 5 minutes. She would look like a million bucks, and then laugh when the task was done.

I don't say these things to downplay what the average mom does, I say this because after she was the "Uber" Mom, she was supposed to be on easy street. You know golf, and goof off with friends and just settle in to her golden years.

That was up until 3 years ago when my dad, the guy who took care of her for years, and honestly the only Man other than her father she ever loved was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, My Mom and Dad are from another time. A time when for better or worse really meant something.

Today my mom will get my dad up, make sure he goes to the bathroom, make him a breakfast, tell him who he is, where he is, insure him that he's safe in the world, and then take a 6'3" man and make sure he gets on his exercise bike to ride for 30 minutes before she ever has a thought about herself.

Mind you this is usually done with him saying he doesn't want to do any of this, and this is just the start of her day.

She wont let him give up, she will haul him around just like she did with me when I was a kid, she makes him move, she will keep him on track because at 80 my mom is taking care of a kid, But the cool thing is its the same kid she met in Brookfield all those years ago. He remembers being the star of RB highs basketball team and an all state starter for four years, he remembers swimming in the salt creek. He just doesn't remember what happed five minutes ago. And yes at times he forgets her.

But she never forgets him, And that's the key. A true love story about a boy and a girl. these two just happen to be my folks.

And Mine is the "Uber" Mom.

To all the Moms happy mothers day, And Love you Mom!


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