Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A piece of my youth forever gone

Yesterday I got the news that my old friend Al Heidorn had passed away from cancer, to give you the background on Al would take a longtime. I'm not sure I have the space on the "Cloud" to go into details.

I met Al when my dad moved our sheet metal shop to an address on Hill  in Glen Ellyn. Al had moved  his body shop there at the same time. If anyone had insight to the beer that was drank between those two buildings you could have invested in Old Style and been on easy street from the stock gains.

Al was a body man, my dad a sheet metal genius and from there on a match was made in Heaven. any good body man loves a guy who can fab custom parts.

late nights, fishing, snowmobile trips, many hours at Otto's bar in Lombard are just some of the things that come to mind.

But looking back whenever I wrecked a car Al would take it in, give me a deal or let me work off my deductible by cleaning the big unit heaters that hung in his shop. He even laughed it off the time I dropped a ladder on a 67 Caddy he just finished in his body shop. That was after too many beers at that bar I mentioned above.

The time we got stopped in Wisconsin at 3a.m, the time we had to get a ride home from the T-bird in St Germain because we simply could, not ride. The crazy nights at the Grass lake boat drags, The time he fixed the dent in my dads truck in a weekend before my folks came home from a trip. the maiden voyage of his redone crew cab that took  5 tanks of gas to go 334 miles the list is endless.

I remember him telling me once he would never make 60, I always busted him on such a stupid comment. That was at his dads funeral.

Now this guy lived like a madman, but He "Lived" and he did it on his terms. and that is a life that's full.

Simply put, Live today, plan for tomorrow as its never a guarantee. Today I will spend my birthday Helping a friend who is beginning her battle of cancer today.

I can't sufficiently put into words what this mans death means to me, I'm at a loss and for the first time in years I spent a night in tears.

Rest in Peace, you crazy lunatic of one of the best guys I have ever known. And As far as the storage on the "Cloud" make room for one more...



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  1. My thoughts are with you - I understand loss all too well - both young and old - its' the cruel side of life - but memories help to ease the loss, the pain.