Monday, November 3, 2014

Thanks to the Batavia boys of fall

This past Saturday my kid "Steak" as his friends on the team call him got to suit up as a varsity player and be part of his first playoff experience. We knew he would not play, and he knew he would not play and that is just part of the football experience.

The fun part of football for my kid is he got to be lined up with kids he looks up to on the varsity level in practice, I cant speak for football in other towns but these are kids that have for the most part played together since they didn't know which way to run. Its that close of a group, at least it appears to be. He loves these guys, and he admires them.

I would ask him how practice was this last week, He would just look at me and grin, and say "now I know what its like to get hit by a train" And this is a kid that loves contact, He ain't right.

Saturday he was there on the sidelines, (his mom was sending me photos as I had to go take care of my dad) later I asked what was it like dressing with the big boys?  he said "it was the greatest feeling in the world" and mind you he was mostly a casual observer, and that's exactly what he wanted, for this was the varsity's day. Such a honor to be thought enough of that you could actually help the big guys practice.

The result wasn't the one the Bulldogs wanted, But you cant win a State Championship every year. These boys gave it everything they had, One bad call away from  perfect season I'm not sure we could ask much more of these kids.

To the Juniors and Seniors  thanks for letting a town come along on your journey. Sitting with some of the town folk I think they forget your just kids. And this is just a game, But to the mom's and dads that  hauled their kids to and from practice for years,  now comes the realization for many that the Friday night lights are now gone for good.

I know I'm biased, But Batavia  is the pinnacle of what High School football is supposed to be, To the boys, To the coaches, and the many volunteers this that work to pull off these games it was a big year. I'm not sure casual observers know how hard you work.

Here's to the boys, and the family's of fall, No matter where you live or play, I wish you a safe rest of the season.


No longer just "Ramblin Ray" but now "Steaks dad"

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