Monday, May 18, 2009

Can you smell what the Ray has cookin'?

Wow what a weekend,

It started with the Keith Urban at the Allstate on Friday night. Now I'm not one to go hang with Keith and pretend were bud's but I did take the invite Friday night.

What a nice guy, We have met several times before dating back to the early 90's when my Buddie Brad Altman hired Keith and the ranch to be the house band at the old Whiskey River.

I'm glad he has Nicole this guy is in a great place in his life and you can see that when you talk to him, and it shows in his music as well. A very charming humble guy. And as far as I'm concerned one of the best shows I have seen in at least five years. If you were there he played for over two hours.

Finally a nice weekend in Chicago I used Saturday to get my snowmoblie hauler all cleaned up for this weekends St Germain show, Gonna be a good time as a lot of my collector buddies will be there to mostly drink beer, check out this picture of the before and after of my trailer fenders! exciting isn't it?

On Sunday it was me and the Cass on a little bike ride. this is my favorite thing I did all weekend long, She loves to ride her bike. I think she may be the one in the family who loves to ride as much as I do. Shes funny and so cute.

Than last night it was Conner my nephew Easton and The Ramblin at the WWE Judgement day! look how close the action got! this is a picture of Cena as he went over and hugged Chicago Cub Alfonso Soreino(sp? I'm a Sox fan) Wow what a show. Say what you will about wrastlin but they put on a good show. And only a real athlete could pull off those moves.

And before you wonder why I would go here's who was in my row, Eddie Olzhecks kids (Blackhawk Great) Cubs players, Gregg Olsen , Dusty Divorcek, the place was full of big shot Chicagoans. What a riot.

I think my boy was a little freaked out at the people and the noise, Ah well he wanted to go. He learned some new words, picked up a few new moves to use on his Lil sister, And now I'm nominated to be father of the year!

That's too much weekend for me!


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