Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You want Reality? How bout the Hawks!

The Lisa's are spouting off about the Idol and Dancing. I say foggeataboutit! Too nice to watch last night. I was on the southwest side at a place called the Bon-a-pit with my friend Little Carl and his Beautiful wife Karolyn.

Carl has this smokin' Hot 300 hp Hyabusa(sp?) (if you don't know what that is is a motorcycle) cool thing about Carl is he's just a regular guy with a low key attitude, Good guy to hang around with. I think we had our server convinced we were a couple until Carl's wife showed up!

I hooked up with Carl to take one of my show sleds down to his detailer "Detail Tom" this guy is magic when it comes to making aluminum shine! It has a private shop in what will always remain a quiet undisclosed location.

Most my co-workers like a night at the theater and a big fancy restaurant, Give me my friends and our toys! I will take that any day!

Hawks Hawks Hawks,

I said early on It will be the Wings in five games. I mean no disrespect to our beloved Hawks but there young. Next year it will be the Hawks. They will win Friday night! that a guarantee!! How bout The Bulin wall? I think he has faced 82 shots in the first two games! wow! I said this morning I would rather put on a bullet proof vest and have my buddies shoot at me!

So far looks like were a go to stay with the Gov this Thursday night. I'm saying on air that I have to share a room with Governor Quinn. You know there are some budget issues in the state we all have to make a concession or two.

I'm Taking Conner with me, He told me that if he has to do a book report hes out. Its gonna be me and the boy in the Truck, He doesn't know it but this is one of those things he will remember forever.

I will try to take a lil something from the Mansion and give it to the 19th caller on Friday.



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