Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Tan!

Cool Idol last night!!!

OMG! Kris win Idol! I don't know if its an upset but that Adam kid was good. Didn't watch too much of that show but I did see Fergie and Bikini Girl. Wow! And why did they cut away from the Black Eyed Peas? they must have done sometin bad! Or was it a wardrobe malfunction?(sure it was a naughty word)

I'm glad Idol is over, I get sick of talking about TV shows, I spent most of yesterday outside, As far as radio media types go I'm not as big of a couch potato as your average radio sluggo.

Stopped at the Gym for about a 45 minute workout yesterday, Than went home and jumped on my bike and got a 20 miler in with my neighbor Gregg. This is my regular riding partner. Saw some unusual stuff on the path yesterday. Lots of weird stuff goes on out there on the Fox Valley bike path. Most of it I cant mention.(haven't seen the crazy woman who wears shorts and her bra yet this year)

The sun is brutal, I don't try to tan, I use sunscreen but I get too dark. My dermatologist hates that I'm in the sun at all. I will wear an umbrella on my head in the future!

Got the new Can Am Spyder yesterday Its a weird ride to get used too, It has a paddle shifter and not the usual foot shifter. It also has a more aggressive feel than last years. Gonna take some getting used to. I will have a picture posted later.

Getting ready for Quinnville! Today's the day to go to the Gov's mansion. Conner and I are going to stop at every McDonalds on the way down to Springfield. Our goal is to fill the Tundras back seat up with McDonalds wrappers.

I'm also going to lobby for the Kiddieland train to be added to the Governors mansion campus.

Listen tomorrow as I will hopefully have something from the mansion to give away.


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