Thursday, May 28, 2009

From the Mansion to the Garbage dump!

It's been a while since the last blog, Been a touch busy. I don't know if anyone has posted pictures of the Governors mansion so here goes. This is a picture of Conner in front of one of the fountains. This was right outside the window of the room we stayed in, We put a few fish in as a gift of US99.
Also Conner used this chance at the Mansion to get his photo taken with Governor Quinn, After this photo they talked about more state money for Baseball and football programs, Improving lunch at school, and installing Nintendo games in the backseat of every state owned school bus.

After the short stay in Springfield it was off to Northern Wisconsin to show my sleds at the Hall of Fame classic sled round up. It was a good show as I took 1st place in the 1969 to 72 restored category with my 1972 TNT 292. I was runner up with my 1976 Moto-Ski Sonic 250.

All in all these last few day off were pretty cool, But just to show you how I roll I thought I would show you the picture I took of the Hwy G landfill in between Eagle River and Sayer Wisconsin. 

I was helping my dad clean out some junk from a shed that he's turning into a bunkhouse. Dad has talked about doing this for 30 years. I think he may actually get this done ( we also had a 1929 model A Ford that laid in out garage in pieces for my entire childhood).

If your ever up that way say hi to Thea who runs the dump shes super cool! and I think she has a dad crush on my pops!, My dad seems to have a lot of what I would consider "younger women" who seem to like the old guy!

The other big new yesterday is that Cheyenne got her grill taken off! No more braces. That's a big deal for a 15 year old! shes all jacked up and ready for summer vacation!



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