Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hangin with the big shots!

Wow cool night last night! I (gasp) went to the theater! I was invited by my Buddie big Johns former soul mate Cindy Raymond to host a US99 night at the Million Dollar Quartet,

This is a show based on Memphis' Sun records owner Sam Phillips, and his legendary roster of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. If your a fan of Blues, Country, Rock, Rockabilly, this is a must see. I felt like I was there when this thing called Rock and Roll was invented. Nicely done! and the music is spot on! It runs through August 30th at the Apollo theater at 2450 North Lincoln.

Its a good show and if you have kids that are into music bring them!

The show is Co-Produced by Chicagoan Gi Gi Pritzker, what a cool woman! and nice job on the show! She also has the 44th on speed dial now that's cool!

Keep an eye out at the Urban concert for the Blackhawks players! Adam Burish is requesting that they are there for what will be a very cool concert! what ever it takes to keep those players happy! Go Hawks!


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