Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I dont need to know

Started out today's show talking about thongs. The topic was should women over 50 wear thongs?

Wow, this was something, callers said that even guys wear them classy! I mean c'mon cant we talk about the Blackhawks, Sox,Cubs, Nascar, Lawnmower racing.

How about Jeremy Mayfield failing the NASCAR drug test! says it was over the counter, I'm pretty sure in most cases that you don't fail drug tests from over the counter meds. See ya Jeremy!

So long Ty, last night it was a family event to see Ty Murry get voted off DWS. He was probably relieved, he did a great job. I know between all the stuff I do, I probably should'nt admit i watch and like the show, but I do. And I think those dancer guys are tough as nails.

Hey Todd, Howudoin'? Todd Stroger didn't pay his taxes and want to raise yours? How do you think his day will be today?

Hows this for big news? Conner and I will hit our first WWE event this Sunday night at the Allstate arena. How cool is that! the kid wants to meet John Cena. We will have to see if Uncle Pat Nagle can make that happen. Gina wont let me take Cassie. Shes 5 and watches wrestling every chance she gets!

I know I know again I'm the father of the year!

Take care


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