Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Surgery!

I don't know why I'm gonna share this but this drove the Lisa nuts!

Friday I had something wrong with my nose. It hurt like crazy and was swollen on the right side. I couldn't get in to my dermatologist so I thought I would try some "home surgery"

I mean it looked like a golf ball on the end of my schnoz, So I heated up the end of a needle to sterilize and shoved it about A 1/4 inch in ! Gross eh?

I think I may open a day surgery center out of my garage, It worked! today I look like my old ugly self.

If you need any stuff worked on stop by the garage and I can hook you up!

I will check have the nose looked at by Doc Sharon today.

Disclaimer, Don't try this at home your results may vary!


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