Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wild Horses keep dragin Ramblin Ray!

OK so the title is a play on the old Garth Brooks song, I don't think it was ever a single but what a cool song!

So I'm heading over to Goodwin Preformance today with the Tundra and my snowmobile hauler loaded with some of my sleds. As I head east toward Green Bay road I see all theses cars in the road with people standing all over. I immediately think accident and I slowly approach. than BAM out of nowhere .....

a HORSE jumps over the front of my truck!.....That's right a horse. I don't know whose farm they got loose from but it was nuts, I asked a guy if they needed help and he said yes (I wanted him to say no due to the fact that I'm not Ty Murray) So I jump out the truck and start chasing this huge horse, not just one horse, but three horses all running like crazy down, and around Russel road just west of Green Bay Rd. Yee haw!

after a few minutes I grab on to the horses bridal (is that the thing on its long horse face?) me and some guy are trying to control Mr Ed and it rears its head and tosses me around like a little girl. Than a Mexican guy comes over to help, The only reason I mention this is that he cant speak a lick of English but he must have been a horse whisperer because he had the horse calmed down and tied to a tree in no time. pretty cool guy!

after about 15 minutes we corralled the other two and harnessed them with some rope from a nearby house. I don't know the woman's name who owned these things but I know she was grateful we were there. She was crying so I know they must have been hers. Lucky they didn't run in front of a car. That would be a problem for the driver and some extra supplies for the glue factory.

All in all it was taken care of and when all was calm the lake county sheriff got there to make sure their sirens were working.

This is one of those storys were here about from time to time, and kind of laugh. If I could see video of me and that beast I would laugh my *&^^&%$ off!

I'm making my kids and Gina call me Clint McCanyonman. That's my Cowboy horse saving name. And for my good deed........ no church tomorrow!!

Good night from Ramblin Ray, now known as Mr McCanyonman.

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