Friday, May 8, 2009

The Stars came out at the UC!

These Black Hawk games are sick!

Wow last night the UC was rocking last night, How cool of a game was that? It was as loud of a game as I have ever been too. I love our bears and sox, Will even pull for the men in blue from time to time but is there anything more exciting than those insane Hawks fans?

The Stars were out last night! spotted at the game were, Kurt Heinrich, Tony O, Stan the man, Carlton Fisk, Bobby hull. All the guys were pretty cool but Stan......well lets just say he was more interested in the desert cart.

And how about a nice shout out for that Black Hawks Ice crew.

Had a chance to meet Dick Butkiss' son I told him about the time his dad knocked me down at a autograph session, He was the bears middle linebacker I was 7. It turned out to be one of the greatest stories of my life thanks Dick!

Pretty cool day in Chicago when the Cubs, Sox, And Hawks all win. And how about Buhrle with that monster game last night!

Happy mothers day to all the moms!! Nothing better in the world than mom. I watch the way those kids hang with Gina and There is no way a dad can compare to that. I always tell her shes like a shark and those kids just swim with her.

In my opinion there is no better mother in the world, Shes there tutor, buddie, Baseball coach and confidant.

Happy mothers day to the best mom ever!



Top - Ray and Carlton Fisk

Middle - (From left to right) Mike Tompkins (Skokie flyers coach and one of the youth Blackhawk coaches of the year), Ray, and Hall of famer Tony Esposito

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