Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Father Oprah?

Have your heard about this guy? I guess he's a priest in Miami, Well he was caught on a beach with a woman this past weekend and I don't think she was your "regular church lady"! Wow, hey man every ones human I'm sure there will be a little give and take about this tomorrow with Lisa and me!

They call him the father Oprah and he does a bunch of big radio shows.

I hear the Idol news on the TV in the background big night who will be going home? I must admit I know Adam is the guy who's supposed to win. And I know the guy from up above the cheddar curtain is good but I haven't paid much attention this year.

Big news in the land of Rising taxes (Batavia where the taxes rise faster than the flood waters on the side of my house)

Most the schools reopen after the fear from the swine flu has calmed down. thank god now I can grab my board and head back to the skate park. usually in the spring I can shred all day until 2:30 but the flu scare has brought them to the bike and skate park early. I guess in our town to keep from getting the flu you hang out in large groups, wear your hats crooked and wear baggy pants. seems to be working they look healthy to me.

It was pretty cool that the middle school gave the kids the day off to mourn our Friend Alex, The crowd was unreal, saw lots of friends a very sad day indeed.

well tomorrow in studio is Joe Nichols its always a good day when we can hear Lisa's last questions!

Sox are in a rain delay and its time to go on the vintage snowmobile website to fuel my passion for old snowmobiles but that passion fades the closer we get to water ski season, Oh and one other thing I saw the new Camero today. Man its going to be hard to keep from getting one of those!


Paula is dancing and lip syncing wow this makes my kid school choir look good, she looks good but that train has left the station! Wow. that was bed.

That's it for the shallow observations for the day.


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