Tuesday, June 16, 2009

C'mon Summer!

My house has been crazy, the deck project rolls on. But every other day it rains. Every other day it gets farther along, check out this picture, .....the guy who's running the project is Kerstin at Outdoor Living. His crew just rolls on, Hard working guys that build an awesome project. He's a listener of the station, sometimes that can be a double edge sword, Just like anyone you try to separate work from home, But I have to say its been great to work with him. He just does what you want and does it better than any other contractor that I have seen in my neck of the woods.

Hey with all that said, this is my personal website, just for my fun, I make no money off it, I don't need to sell anything off it, I just talk about things that are cool for me. Ecoadvantage.com if you need something check out Kerstin and his folks, Moneys hard to come by these days. This guys worth every penny.

Watching the CMT awards not a bad show, Engvalls a little off. I don't know didn't we just have an awards show? Always interesting to see how Nashville's going to try to reach beyond and we usually go right to a rap artist I think last year it was Snoop. This year T-Pain. It will be something to hear what the die hard's have to say about all the bling on tomorrows show.

Last night I was with my farmer Buddie Brad, My snomo guru turner extraordinaire Kurt Krumm, a guy who has more sleds than the State of Minnesota,... Brad Warning and a guy named TJ Patrick. My Buddie Brent Miller was nuts over all the stories. TJ is Danicas dad. But in our crowd, (serious vintage sledheads) TJ is a stud for his snowmobile racing success. His knowledge for making a little go a long way back in the day. and he's the one that taught the most successful woman in racing how to get around a track. (Shirley was the best on the 1/4 mile)

Here are some pics of the sleds, theres one of me in the warnings Bud dragster, and a picture Gilles Villenueves Moto-Ski twin one of I believe 2 ever made.

Hey by the way Lisa's a little under the weather. I will let her explain whats going on when she gets back. She will be fine!

Oh one more picture, Of me and some dude named Kenny.


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  1. Ray kenny wishes he had arms like yours!