Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Kid in the cage.

Big first day of summer vacation for my little Man Conner, His mom (the resident jock of our house) took him out and bought him a new 30" 22 oz bat. The kids going to be a monster with this thing! Here's a picture of the kid in the Funway batting cage. he can hit with this thing! hes good in the field as well. I know he doesn't give it much thought but I think he's such a little stud. (the little girl in the cage behind is Cassie! shes 5)

How about that 72 year old woman getting tasered in Texas during a traffic stop?, Here's a hint stay in your car when you get stopped. And if your uncomfortable with the officer ask that another officer be called to the scene. I have to laugh at this one. The video is kinda funny!

The backyard party nears, and the deck is taking shape. Coming soon I will have picture of the project.

I'm wondering what I'm going to do with the other backstage pass at Kenny this Saturday, If your there and want to hang with me backstage the best way is come up and talk old snowmobiles with me, Better yet find me an old Ski-Doo or Arctic Cat sno-pro sled and I will give you my tickets and backstage passes.

Have a good day,


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