Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It Ray Wollery! and this is the dating game!

Seems like every so often we are the "radio matchmakers" Why do we place such importance on relationships?

We live in a city of eight million people, Am I crazy?.....it would seem to me that if you need a date you go find one. Not one to boast but I never had a problem finding anyone!

Bonnie and Lisa are always talking dating, Both these girls could have a guy if they wanted! I think they choose not too.

As far as the Nurse we are setting up with Chris I don't know. She seems nice. But shes young and successful, She cant find a date? C'mon. I think guys are sissys and afraid to just go ask anymore.

This stuff drives me nuts, There's a nut for every squirrel, and a butt for every seat. Perhaps some are supposed to be alone?

Just sayin!

stay turned tomorrow as the dating game continues, Its a tried a true good old radio bit man!

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