Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ya Hey from the Northwoods.

Sitting up North in the rain watching Eagles get fish out of Little St Germain lake, Now that's a cool way to have Sunday morning coffee.

I took a run up to the cabin to see pops Late Friday afternoon and thought I would help get some more section of pier in for him, That was a fiasco as nothing worked yesterday. Its a slick aluminium pier from Boat Sport in Eagle Rive Wisconsin. I think I half drove John the owner nuts tyring to figure out what we need for the depth of our lake. Long story short they had to order the stuff I need. So I guess its back up here the weekend after Chesney.

So after the pier project went south I picked up some 6foot fir trees and planted them on the hill that goes down to the lake, Dad always has a problem with erosion so were gonna put in some trees and small plants to create a root system. That was fun. It took the guy at the landscaping place a skid steer to move them. It was up to me to get them out of the truck, move them and then plant a 3 foot by 2" deep hole to plant them. Man I know how to have fun!

I did pick up my new Tundra from Dan at Toy Friday, we will have a video of this up at soon. This is the Platinum edition. It has air conditioned seats! the thing is sick!

well tomorrow starts the big push for Chesney at the Sacred grounds of the great Solider field. see you then


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