Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ride like the wind Ray Ray.

Training day!

That's what cyclists refer to a big mile riding day, Today I did 34 miles not very long for a guy who will put 5, 100 mile days(century's) together in August. The difference today was I rode my heavy mountain bike and did mostly path riding. Near the end of my ride I hit some rare single track to cap off the ride. I love my Specialized Stump Jumper, But when you compare it to my Roubix its a hog. It would be the auto equivalent of a Hummer h-2 to a Porsche 911. You get the idea!

I keep telling myself to quit the weights and concentrate on weight loss and Cardio, to ride right and get ready for snowmobile race season next year I need to be in the mid 180's Right now I'm 195. After the Pink Ribbon Ride I will be 185 for sure. Truth be told I would like to give in to father time eat some pizzas and start to look like all my buddies!

Good news! Just found out the new 2010 Tundra is in and will be ready for me tomorrow, I have had the current truck for over 45,000 miles. Trust me the tires on this thing are gone! Dan from Toy tells me to drive it like I stole it and believe me I do!

Make sure you listen tomorrow Lisa's gonna beat T-Roy up about his Adam Lambert get up! And we pre recorded a call with Candy Spelling (Tori's mom Arron's widow) what a piece of work this chick is. I actually liked her for 8 of the 10 minutes we talked to her! But this chick is a high society whack job!

See you tomorrow!


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