Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What the Deck?

Below are pictures of my treasured backyard, it used to be all mine until the Trampoline and the huge swing set. A few years ago my dad and I built a shed (small garage really) it was an extension of my man cave(garage) it was going to house all the junk i didn't want seen. Now its filled with all my and my kids junk. There's an old saying whatever you want to build,....build it bigger.

Same is the case with my deck, My dad and I built this thing oh about 8 years ago. should have built it bigger!

Enter my latest project, this time I'm leaving it to the pros's at Outdoor Living of Mundlien. Kerstin at Outdoor Living heard about the backyard party I was having with some US99 listeners and Justin Moore and wanted to make sure the deck was "hooked up"

Back during the St Jude radiothon an old friend that works with Vallory records out of Nashville(George Briner) said "lets do a party for St Jude with Justin....in Rays backyard" well now I'm ripping up my yard with two weeks to go! I'm told it will be ready. The plans for the deck are awesome! fingers now crossed for good weather to get er done!

Here are pictures of my yard for you to check out, the cool thing is most the green in my backyard is a variety of plants I had taken from my boyhood home in West Chicago, every time I look in the back of my yard it reminds me of my mom who taught me how to make a garden grow. Whenever I need a dose of home I just go out the backdoor.
I must admit I'm a neat freak and very particular about my stuff, The wheelbarrow and foot traffic is stomping my grass down to mud and it killing me! But the end result will be cool.

Take care



  1. I hope you enjoy your deck as much as I am. Kerston Russell and his team did a beautiful job making our backyard into a outdoor living room. I did recommend Outdoor Living in Mundelein, IL to many of my friends. Enjoy!

  2. First of all...I love listening to you and Lisa every morning on my way to work..from Roselle to Glenview. Miss you as you do your ride. (Gee, how original..bet you never hear that!!)

    Very nice yard/deck....great job!! We just built a deck/pond between our garage and house. Did it ourselves. Hard work but worth every moment of sweat and back ache. It used to be a graveled mess. We just put in the Koi/turtle yesterday. We love it now. It's nice to BBQ and relax while listening to the waterfall/fountain.

    Kathy Sowinski