Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thanks to the White Sox for having me out to toss out a pitch the other night. 5 years ago you couldnt get near the place, This year was a little different! although the Sox by Cubs standars are having a banner year and will probably finish 10 to 12 games over .500.

I should really thank Mark Burhle. Hes the guy that got it done. What a good guy, He say's he's in town till Sunday than its back to Texas.

How about that Woman on the South Side of Chicago that shot the 13 year old brat for harrasing her, Wow! Chicago is turning into the wild west. Her neighbors applauded her, The CPD have filed no charges! The woman is 77, I have a feeling the kids wont be back!

We have no idea whats going on in the Chicago neigborhoods! count your blessings that hopefully this dosent go on where you live.

If it was my house it would be a Broadhead from my PSE bow.


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