Friday, August 2, 2013

A Ramblin Rant.

This morning we were talking tips, and the subject came up on when and how much you tip.

Of course the divine one, The omnipotent one the great one, My partner Lisa exclaims she's a better tipper than me. What ever. Really? I tip on service, But never tip lower than 20%  But of course she's a better tipper.

This stems from Drew Breeze (Pro Quarterback) only tipping 3 bucks on a take out order, Really? Since when do we tip on a take out order? Do we tip at Mickey Dees? Do we tip the toll booth attendant? What about our local police officer when you get a tickets how about an extra 20% for the pulling me over effort?

 I think how much we tip stems from our personal station in life and our personal guilt from our personal success.

Lets face it if the Average Joe would have tipped three bucks to this take out restaurant there wouldn't have been any issue, But you see Mr. Brees has money and some tool bag thinks he's entitled to it because he handed him a bag.

You don't tip on a pick up order, Just like you don't tip the checkout person  at the local Target store, You deliver something to my house, You wait on my table and give me decent service your in. This world has gone nuts.

I have to end this now, Time for me to go to the US99.5 mailbox for my tips, On all the witty entertainment we provide (joke) Oh that's right its part of THE JOB!


  1. I actually do tip my Chinese take out place at least $5.00 when I order food.

  2. Racheie you a good girl!, But not necessary!

  3. I agree with you 100% Ray! This world has gone nuts!

  4. I agree with you, Ray. I don't tip on pick-up, but I do tip delivery guys.

  5. Ray, you are spot on! No tipping for a pick- up - and this world has gone nuts. Happy weekend.