Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Ray Is Rollin' Home

Ah the long and winding road.

On December 15th last year my pops busted up his hip, He was a mess. Sitting in the hospital while he couldn't break a fever a waiting for that surgery was tough on the old guy, and tough on his bride of 64 years as well.

When your 84 surgery on a break like that is tough, Nowadays if your younger and you get a hip or a knee its seems as easy as getting a happy meal at the local drive up. When your older that is not the case.

Throw in his Alzheimer's and you have a bad situation, Then toss in the Dr's who tell you about the "Mortality rate and you just want to bitch slap the guy.

Well when my Mom is your wife you have no choice, She will work you like a dog because she hates being around old sick people. She wont have it. Mind you she's old . But she runs harder than most people half her age. She misses her house, Misses the woods of Wisconsin, and misses shopping at all her favorite little places up north.

So today they are heading back, Now mind you there's a fresh 5' of snow on the ground, To go on top of the 3 feet that's still on the ground. That's a perfect combo to break another hip. But they don't listen to me and are heading back.

Pretty cool that they are going really, 3 months ago I was pretty sure he was never gonna make it back. I worry that she wont be able to handle him but she 100% German and does things her way.
so off they go.

Hell she's had 64 years to take care of this guy I think she's got this.

To the literally thousands of listeners that called or said a prayer for the old guy it worked. I thank you!

To my mom and pops before you know it you'll be on the dock!


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