Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just the Good Ol' boys....

I often get chided about being from the big city when I'm up north, Seems like rural America feels it has good old fashioned values and is above the core values you would find in a city like Chicago.

I run with a rather large and diverse crowd, My friends are those of former major bike gangs, on the biggest and badest level. To farmers and everything in-between. All of those are good guys and very loyal.

I like loyalty, no matter where your from it seems to be a dyeing art.

Seems like some of my good old buddies up north have pulled a fast one on a race club I used to belong too. All the while I would hear about all this money that was going to be won by all these major sponsors, how this club was "Professional" and it was the best of the best..Then at the year end meeting while these cronies are stepping down they tell each other how great they were. Hell even some members wonder how anyone can fill their shoes, Me? I say fill them with cement.

Now mind you in all the usual places I have kept my mouth shut, I haven't said a thing, But who's going to speak up for the hardworking grass roots racers that were counting on these "Directors" to have a place to race. .....I am.

Its a small world, and the racing world I'm involved in is even smaller, But when you take money form hardworking people who trust you, when your nothing more than a blowhard big fish in a small pond. You will lose.

I know this blog is a little narrow focused , But its not unlike the bullshit smell of Chicago politics except this is coming from small town USA. You know those good old hard workin country folk who as far as I'm concerned have fleeced sponsors , and the members of this "Professional" club.

Missing money, decisions to spend thousands with out consent are the things Chicago politicians are sent to jail for. Perhaps it will be the same for these guys!

Stay tuned!

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