Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ever watch the world through your kid's eyes?

Last night as I was drifting off I thought a lot about my kid, The crazy one. Conner. This kid is full of life and has energy that makes me jealous.

He works out 3 hours every day because he's not about to let his teammates down when football season rolls around.

He  makes me think of the line from the John Candy movie Uncle Buck, The one where he says "every kid should be a dreamer, a lolly gagger, you know, a kid"... well that's my boy to a tee!

Lately he wants to ride bulls, Be a Bull fighter, and get a horse so he can rope and ride. Funny thing is he has always wanted to be a cowboy. Sad thing is I have friends that own ranches and I'm going to let him give Bull riding a whirl. He would make a perfect Bull rider, Tall lean, and Strong!

Yesterday we even called Lisa so he could talk all things Equine. Of course she thinks its a great idea. I want him to do whatever he wants.

I thought how cool is it to be a kid, But he is approaching 16 and I love that the world has not stamped out his will to dream. High School has a tendency to make you conform. I like that he is a wildcard and a nut, and fun and funny. Reminds me of someone.

Here to the dreamers, Here's to my boy! Today just for the Hell of it, live your life as if you were your 16 year old self, You may like the results.


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