Monday, April 28, 2014

Windy City Live on ABC 7

Friday was a lot of fun as I had a chance to be on the local ABC 7 show "Windy City Live" it was cool to see how big of a production a local TV show is, Now mind you local TV in Chicago is every bit as "big" as anything on the network.

It was good to hang with my old friend Hosea, And Val and Ji were  awesome! But there's just something about ABC7 that excites me. I have been on most every station in Chicago at one time or another but ABC 7 is special.

I think its because when I was a kid growing up I was always watching John Drury, Fahey Flynn, and of course John Coleman the first weatherman that made weather "fun" I was a news junkie and what they called "Happy news" did it for me as a young news junkie in Chicago.

To grow up a Chicago media creature, then to be able to partake in a show like this is still unthinkable for a kid from  West Chicago. To the cast and the audiences thanks for making me feel welcome!

Now if they would just hire me!.........


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