Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Star Is Born!

For Quite sometime I have been noticing a change, Sort of a "coming out if you will" This change is in my youngest Cassie, I have written about her before. Usually she's wrestling my son who's a beast and, as I have said in the past the combat skills he's teaching her insure me she will never take an ounce of shit.

She had a big role in a school play last night, It was Susical the musical, she sang a solo. Big stuff. Just some  quick background info here.....I don't sing, and trust me her mom "really cant sing"!! So to see this kid in front of 300 people belting it out is amazing.

I really think my daughter Cheyenne has a future in music, But the little one is different. She has found her voice at 10. That's way before her sister did. And the thing about Cass is her give a damm is busted. She has a swagger, a toughness, and that's what you need for success in anything.

I wont jump the gun here, She's smart enough to do anything, And Gina and I are not stage parents. We just want our babies to be happy.

I hope she's happy!, There was even the good ol' mean girls that were talking smack about who got what parts and of course how they could do it better. But in fine Cassie fashion she could  really have cared less. (Gotta love the mean girls)

These kids did a great job, and the music teacher really had her hands full with the production!

I think my little girl reminded last night  me she's growing up. Remember a "Persons a person no matter how small"

Good job kid

Hugs Daddy.


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  1. Way to go, Cassie! And way to go, Ray! For being the proud, but not overbearing parent you seem to be. I believe the problem with a lot these young artists ( in whatever setting) is that the parents get greedy and see their children as moneymakers, if you will. Children need guidance, yes, but they need to be able to make their own path.