Thursday, May 8, 2014

Momma Knows, Momma knows

Some times I think she has a window to my soul.....That's a line from one of my moms favorite songs. (Momma knows by Shenandoah)

Its funny how things go, I watch Gina and see what she means to my kids and its awesome. She simply is their hero. Some reserve that term for those  returning from war or saving life's, I will use it for my kids mother because she simply will do anything for her kids. And the result is good solid kids.

As far as Pat, she never missed a  beat for me. There simply was never a time in my life she wasn't there for me. Never. Some ask me "how can you make that trip up north and work on their place and not be tired" Its a thought that  never crosses  my mind because at 80 if I needed her, She would make the trip for me, and she's 80.

Lately I have watched my mom be a wife, My dad has some memory issues and he tough on him, Its harder on her. This year he broke his hip and was really a mess leading up to the surgery, So much to the point that doctors has to talk to us about "mortality" you know fun stuff.

In the last six months I have watched this tough woman be a bad ass. Plain and simple she has been by his side never left him, slept in the hospital chair, Same thing in rehab. And the result ? he's back at his house in Northern Wisconsin. where even with his memory issues he's much better off.

My concern is always Her, Because with out Her I'm not sure what he would do. I'm not sure what I would do.

To all the Moms with similar story's happy mothers day. Enjoy your "day" trust me... us guys know you deserve more, But then again, Momma knows.


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