Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jake , the Voice and social media

Ok if you have  paid any  attention lately, you have learned a few things about me. One I rescued a dog. The dog is teaching me to understand how something that was beaten and left for dead can comeback to life, and  be good again it just needs someone to care.

I know it sounds nuts but it has made me take a second look and not be so quick to judge, and understand that weather or not something may not be what I would consider to as a great be talent, is at the end of the day just my "opinion" and we all know what those are worth.

that leads me to Jake and the voice, at first listen and look at this guy I don't see a star, of the caliber that country has gotten me used to seeing, But then I stepped back and took a different approach. I think I have been brain washed by what country is supposed to be. This guy is different because, well....he's country!

He's  kid from Texas who's not rapping and grabbing his  crotch acting like the melding of this new "Urban Bro country is something that's got staying power. So Jake the new softer gentler Ramblin Ray wishes you well! We need more guys like you to keep this genre on track.

Now on to twitter, I love social media to the point of sometimes not putting my smart phone down. I mean after all,I have nothing to say and I'm saying it. But fair warning the "New" Ramblin' still wont take crap. Last night some guy tweeted me that I was a tool because for some reason he thinks I have the ability to just hand out concert tickets. So he's been blocked. from all my social media.

After all If I'm gonna be nicer you better be as well! Its a process!!

Take care



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