Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Please tell me he's more than a name on a wall".

I'm getting ready to host a big military event in Chicago, I will have details on that soon, Over the past weekend I was on my way up to see my Mom and Dad and I was partaking in my I-pod, when one of my favorite songs shuffled in. It was an old school Statler brothers song "More than a name on a wall" Its a song about a Viet Nam fallen solider from a Mothers point of view. She was asking God to reassure her that her sons lost life was more than "A name on a wall. That would be the Viet Nam memorial wall in Washington D.C.

I played that song three times in a row. Its a song based on a true story, I hope that Mom knows her son is WAY more than a name on the wall.

Fast forward to some time spent with my dad, I'm unsure weather or not he has Alzheimer's or Dementia, some days are good some not so much. The memory from his younger days  is stellar. For some reason he has this need to apologize for what he did when he was at war in Korea.I reassure him its OK and that he did what his country asked of him.

Today my thoughts are with the family's of the five young men killed in Afghanistan, Every loss is one more too many. Today the loss hit close to home due to the fact that US99.5 listeners knew Private Aaron Toppen from the suburb of Mokena.

Its up to us as American to make sure these losses are not in vein. We need to go beyond a yellow ribbon that says support our troops.

Make sure your flags are at half staff, Say a prayer, If prayer is not you thing just take a moment to honor this kid and his family. Its up to You and me to let his family know he is more than a name on a wall.

Private Aaron Toppen, you Sir are an American Hero.




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